(Four Star Video) + Heaven

As my lone commenter noted yesterday, the new subscription service at Four Star Video Heaven on N. Henry St. sounds almost too good to be true. For $18 a month, subscribers are allowed to rent as many films as they’d like, 3 at a time. Of course, this smells a lot like an effort to compete with the growing hegemony of NetFlix, which recently provided its own subscribers with the “Instant NetFlix” service, allowing them to stream films directly from the NetFlix website (though I’ve heard the selection of films with “Instant” accessibility leaves something to be desired).

Four Star Video Heaven is a local treasure, as its relatively devoted membership would tell you without hesitation; its selection of DVDs, particularly of international films, is nothing short of encyclopedic, and their hours (8:00AM-1:00AM, “every day of the year”) are ideal for impulsive cinephiles. I’ve personally lost a handful of afternoons browsing their immense collection. That said, in the past it’d been kind of a folk-y argument to say that the experience of navigating Four Star’s Library of Babel was rewarding enough in-itself to justify their rather steep rental rates ($4.50 per DVD, 2 for 1 with the coupon that runs biweekly in The Onion). But now that Four Star is willing to compete with NetFlix’s prices, I see no reason for locals not to head there for all their rental needs (that is, if Memorial or College Library doesn’t have whatever you’re looking for). Me, I’m holding off on signing up for the subscription service until I move later this month… next-door to Four Star Video Heaven. No joke.

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3 Responses to “(Four Star Video) + Heaven”

  1. Brunch Links « The Sconz Says:

    […] CineMadison: You want a better deal than Netflix? There are local options. One of which I’ll be living above in two weeks. […]

  2. Emily Says:

    I’m a huge fan of Four Star, but admit to falling off the wagon when Netflix came along at such a cheaper rate. This new subscription deal, however, has officially won me back.

  3. Todd Stevens Says:

    It’d be nice if Four Star could add a couple more pricing options, such as a 1-at-a-time or 2-at-a-time option, but kudos to them for getting started. I really enjoy every visit I make to the store, and unlike Netflix I don’t have to worry about every fourth DVD I get being scratched or broken.

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