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If you’re a UW student and you’re not yet renting DVDs from Memorial and/or College Library, then, well, you’re a sucker. Both Memorial and College Library have nearly inexhaustible collections of DVDs, most of which can be checked out for several weeks at a time, and all of which are free as air. Granted, neither library has a very user-friendly browsing system. MadCat is certainly vast and exact, but in order to use it effectively, one must know precisely what one is looking for; I personally like to do searches of a director’s name + “videorecording” (so, for example, “jean renoir videorecording”). Memorial Library’s Media Center is located on the 4th floor, and it’s a valet service of sorts, so you give them the call number (which you find on MadCat) for the DVDs you’re looking for and they fetch the discs for you. It’s a very easy process once you get a handle on using MadCat.

And when I say that the two libraries have humongous collections, I’m not exaggerating. To illustrate just how invaluable their DVD collections truly are, I’ll periodically write a post about my latest haul from Memorial and/or College Library. Hopefully, you’ll be so impressed, not by my taste (iffy) but by my findings, that you’ll see the light and head to the library for the future satisfaction of your cinematic cravings.

Last week I found John Frankenheimer’s The Manchurian Candidate (1962) on the 3rd floor of College Library. Currently, I have Hou Hsiao-hsien’s The Puppetmaster (1993), which I got at Memorial Library’s Media Center. The Media Center also has a copy of Hou’s A City of Sadness (1989), which I rented a week ago, only to find that the menus were all in Taiwanese with no apparent way to active the DVD’s English subtitles. That was a really sucky experience. Anyway, the Media Center is stocked with tons of international DVDs (as I’ll demonstrate through these posts), so it’s definitely worth investigating.

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2 Responses to “Library Haul”

  1. Liz A Says:

    Checked the catalog for the South Central Library System (including Madison Public Libraries):

    Manchurian Candidate 1962 version: IN right now at two Madison locations right (or place a hold and get it in 2-3 days)

    Puppetmaster: IN right now at one Madison library (or place hold)

    No A City of Sadness… but two copies IN right now of Good Men Good Women.

    Hope you and your readers are using your Public Library cards too!

  2. Amanda Werhane Says:

    College Library’s movie webpage:

    Also, check out the films at Learning Support Services in Van Hise Hall:

    And, the Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research in the Wisconsin Historical Society building on Library Mall:

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