Fishing for camcorder recommendations

My birthday happens to be a mere 6 weeks away, and though I’m generally opposed to all the pomp and convention that comes with these sorts of arbitrary celebrations, I’m not going to say ‘no’ if a family member offers to split the cost of a halfway decent digital camcorder with me. Ever since my interest in cinema and writing film criticism intensified a few years ago, the idea of filming film criticism has always been on my radar. More broadly, I just want to turn a camera on and see what I can capture or assemble. Thus, I’m throwing myself at the mercy of my tiny readership: furnish me with some advice vis-à-vis buying a camcorder, as I’ve never purchased or even owned one before (though I have a smidgen of experience operating one, from high school video production courses and whatnot). Pretty please.


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2 Responses to “Fishing for camcorder recommendations”

  1. The Sconz Says:

    What the H would filming film criticisms entail?

    • Dan Sullivan Says:

      ‘Filming film criticism’ would be responding to a film by composing a short film/video rather than by writing a review or a scholarly article or a monograph or what have you. It seems a little silly for critics to restrict themselves to a single medium (prose), no? I’m particularly interested in seeing whether or not video essays begin to catch on as an especially popular form for conducting film criticism; though the technology has been around for a long long time, it hasn’t been until recently that, with the proliferation of DVD players and digital camcorders and the unparalleled ascent of YouTube, video essays really stood a chance at surpassing their written equivalents. I bet that you for one, Sconz, would consume a lot more film criticism if it came in the form of a couple interesting minutes on YouTube.

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