Heads-up re: TCM, 8/11

We’ve got another heavyweight in the history of cinema featured for today’s “Summer Under the Stars” marathon: Audrey Hepburn, an actress whose every gesture, no matter how immediately unimpressive, seemed to become instant iconography. Some people are just lucky, I guess. Anyway, there’s quite a bit to see on TCM today, but the skies are looking clear and oh so blue, so let’s aim for the essentials: The Unforgiven (1960; 121 minutes), a John Huston-directed western that co-stars Burt Lancaster and a 67-year-old Lillian Gish, begins at 1:30PM; Love in the Afternoon (1957; 130 minutes), a romantic comedy set in Paris with performances by Gary Cooper and Maurice Chevalier and the direction/wit of Billy Wilder, at 7:00PM; and Roman Holiday (1953; 118 minutes), the much beloved William Wyler romcom that’s also got Gregory Peck in it, at 9:30PM. If you’re a real Tolstoy fanatic, I can’t in good faith recommend King Vidor’s more-than-epic adaptation of War and Peace (1956; 208 minutes), which begins at 11:45PM; it’s literally long enough to consist of a dramatic reading of the novel delivered by the film’s stars Hepburn, Henry Fonda and Mel Ferrer.

All in all, not too shabby. But seriously, get packing or you’ll never move out in time.

The rest of the schedule is here.


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