Library Haul, revisited again


Pardon me if the following sounds a bit dorky, but… folks my age probably watch more films in their rooms and on their laptops than they do in movie theaters; so if you find yourself with nothing better to do in the middle of the afternoon, and you’ve had your fill of mid-80’s temperatures and blaring sun, why not head to Memorial Library, check out a DVD or two, grab a cubicle in the stacks somewhere and watch the film on your laptop? It’s private, quiet, fairly dark and temperate; sure, the wooden seat is stiff as a corpse, but you can always bring a sweater or something like that to sit on. I tested this activity out for the first time just this afternoon, watching Preston Sturges’s excellent The Palm Beach Story (1942), which is available at the Media Center.



For all the folks facing 24 hours of homelessness this Friday, might I suggest checking out some films you’ve always wanted to see, if nothing else so that you can have a roof over your head for a little while?


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