Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 8/18

Today’s quote is from Samuel Beckett’s sort-of-novel Malone Dies, a book which is at once a real pain to get through and a weirdly pleasurable read. I’m going to turn the cryptography all the way up here and say only that this quote alludes to a recent concern of mine, but nothing which I’ve worked out to the point that I’m able to say anything particularly insightful or substantial about it. (Hint: it involves anxiety, desire [in the negative sense, i.e., as a lack or void] and canons.) Hopefully I’ll soon be able to discuss this concern o’ mine in less enigmatic terms; until then, enjoy this passage by literature’s greatest sour-puss.

“Yes, no reflection is needed, before or after, I have only to open my mouth for it to testify to the old story, my old story, and to the long silence that has silenced me, so that all is silent. And if I ever stop talking it will be because there is nothing more to be said, even though all has not been said, even though nothing has been said.” (Samuel Beckett, Malone Dies)


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