In praise of subscription plans

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, I very well may end up saying it a hundred-and-three times: The subscription plan at Four Star Video Heaven is a cinemaddict’s (© Agee) dream come true. Being the tremendous dork that I am, I recently researched and assembled a list of about a hundred or so films which I’m anxious to see; of course, all of them are readily available at Four Star. Now, such an undertaking as this list would’ve been inconceivable only a little while ago, and yet here I am, making note of what I left off the list so that I’ll remember to include it in Round 2.

I fully recognize that most Madisonians don’t share my insatiable and voracious appetite for all things cinematic, in which case one can easily split the $18 monthly fee with one’s obviously willing roommates. As I reported a couple days ago, I’ve only been on the plan for a minute or two now and I’ve already been able to get my hands on some films which I previously haven’t had any luck finding, like Howard Hawks’s Monkey Business (1952) and William Greaves’s Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One (1968).

The whole of the cinematic canon is astonishingly vast, especially when one considers the relative youth of the medium itself, and seeing it all is a seemingly impossible feat. But with the aid of services like the Four Star subscription plan, ‘seeing it all’ is no longer such an unthinkable goal. The best cinematic education is often said to consist entirely of the watching of tons and tons of films; if this is true, then Four Star’s subscription plan is capable of transforming your living room into a space which is half-Cinematheque/half-classroom.



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