Hey young world:

Today’s your last chance to check out Return to Function, an exhibition composed mostly of installation pieces and assemblage-y sculptures, at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. The show features the work of a handful of international artists who are all concerned with roughly the same questions: What makes an object “practical” (within the context of our daily existence) as opposed to “aesthetic” (necessarily requiring us to break our various routines and rituals, at least temporarily)? Can works of art function in our modern environment as anything more than objects of concrete perception and abstract contemplation? Can you wear a work of art? Can you drive one? Can you use one to do lawn work? What exactly does a man wearing a giant heart costume (complete with a built-in speaker emitting booming “thump-buh-bumps”) and nothing else look like?

Return to Function is a relatively brief time-commitment and it’s perfect for folks who usually, when confronted by works of art, say something to the effect of “I don’t get it.” Good clean fun all around, though nothing capable of radically reorienting the way that one apprehends our ludicrously entropic world of crap. The Museum closes at 5:00PM, so hurry up.


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