Apologies in advance

If my well of inspiration seems to be all dried up as of late, it’s because I’ve been a busy young man these past few days. Between banging out two versions of my Inglourious Basterds review (a 750-word version for the Cardinal website and a 600-word version for the first issue of the Cardinal’s print edition, both of which will be available tomorrow [obviously I’ll link to the former and tell you where you can pick up the latter]) and revising a couple of old papers for possible publication in an undergraduate film studies journal, I haven’t had as much time to ramble here. For this, I apologize. I do love to ramble.

Revising my papers has been an especially surreal experience; I haven’t looked at either essay in many months, and though I vividly remember the effort and aggravation that went into composing them, I hardly recognize the prose or the reasoning behind the arguments conveyed by the prose. That a writer could evolve so drastically in the span of less than a year is kind of mind-blowing, particularly when that writer is stubborn ol’ me. It certainly doesn’t help that I haven’t written or thought in an academic style for quite some time. I suppose it’s a good warm-up for the semester, which is a mere 8 days away. Eeesh, 8 days.

To fill any gaps that may arise as a result of my being occupied with this-that-and-whatever, I’m going to try harder than ever to recruit some outside help. Don’t be surprised to see me post pieces by local writers/aspiring critics, a few which I’m already aware of and genuinely excited about. Plus, both the Cinematheque and WUD Film ought to be announcing their schedules for the Fall semester any day now, so get excited for that (and don’t you dare forget that the Cinematheque is kicking things off on September 4th with Meet Me in St. Louis).


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