Late to a party which hasn’t yet begun

Dear WUD Film Committee,

Do you still exist? Would you be so kind as to let us know what films you’re planning to show this semester (which—little known fact—began yesterday)? Do you even know what films you’ll be showing, or can we look forward to the Anchorman special edition DVD playing on loop every Friday and Saturday night? Have you discovered what a “midnight movie” really is yet (hint: not 10 Things I Hate About You)? Moreover, do you even care?

Alright, so I probably came off as a melodramatic and insatiable sort in that last paragraph, but I just don’t understand how the Cinematheque can be so prompt in announcing a legitimately loaded schedule of must-see films, and yet WUD, which has screened plenty of great films over the years, is M.I.A. two days into the semester?

In the past, WUD Film has been relatively consistent in offering worthwhile alternatives to the diverse cinematic programs offered by the Cinematheque, usually opting to show more recent productions (like Kelly Reichardt’s Wendy and Lucy and Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg last year); so I’m dying to know exactly what cards I’m holding each weekend as I try to determine which screenings I’ll be attending, which films I’ll be covering for the Cardinal, which screenings to tell others about, and so on. I do have an unjustified faith that when WUD Film does announce its line-up for the Fall, it won’t disappoint; but until then, I’m feeling and will continue to feel lost, at least until I sit down in my seat at the Cinematheque tomorrow night, ready to take in Vincente Minnelli’s Technicolor spectacle Meet Me in St. Louis.

Now would ya quit lettin’ me down, WUD?

Your friend,



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