Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 9/4

Today’s edition of Quotes of quotes of… will have to be a quickie, as I must be somewhere very important in the very near future. This quote comes from a short story by Vladimir Nabokov, “Signs and Symbols”, which I read for the first (and only) time just yesterday. I’ll skip the usual prefatory remarks and let the passage stand for itself, though I will clarify that the anonymous “he” is not me, though in many ways it easily could be. “Signs and Symbols” can be found in this collection of Nabokov’s short stories.

The system of his delusions had been the subject of an elaborate paper in a scientific monthly, but long before that she and her husband had puzzled it out for themselves. ‘Referential mania,’ Herman Brink had called it. In these very rare cases the patient imagines that everything happening around him is  a veiled reference to his personality and existence. He excludes real people from the conspiracy–because he considers himself to be so much more intelligent than other men. Phenomenal nature shadows him wherever he goes. Clouds in the staring sky transmit to one another, by means of slow signs, incredibly detailed information regarding him. his inmost thoughts are discussed at nightfall, in manual alphabet, by darkly gesticulating trees. Pebbles or stains or sun flecks form patterns representing in some awful way messages which he must intercept. Everything is a cipher and of everything he is the theme. Some of the spies are detached observers, such as glass surfaces and still pools; other, such as coats in store windows, are prejudiced witnesses, lynchers at heart; others again (running water, storms) are hysterical to the point of insanity, have a distorted opinion of him, and grotesquely misinterpret his actions. He must always be on his guard and devote every minute and module of life to the decoding of the undulation of things. The very air he exhales is indexed and filed away. If only the interest he provokes were limited to his immediate surroundings–but alas it is not! With distance the torrents of wild scandal increase in volume and volubility. The silhouettes of his blood corpuscles, magnified a million times, flit over vast plains; and still farther, great mountains of unbearable solidity and height sum up in terms of granite and groaning firs the ultimate truth of his being.


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