The other oldest profession

Here it is: My obviously unexpected debut as a male model. I was honestly flattered by the whole experience, though I was also more than a little bit perplexed, as I’ve never before been accused of being stylish and/or fashionable. Indeed, I still feel a fair amount of disdain for the whole concept of fashion, in so far as it encourages homogeneity and engenders pervasive, unapologetic vanity. One of my favorite lines from Walter Benjamin is in “One Way Street” when he says of fashion that “against the living it asserts the rights of the corpse. […] The cult of commodities places it in its service.”

But at least it’s nice to know that I shouldn’t rule out a career as a human mannequin.

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One Response to “The other oldest profession”

  1. Amy Says:

    Yes, I believe that shirt is vintage GAP, circa 2005 – a very good year. Looking good, mister.

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