Authors Hurtling Towards Death and Youtube

An obnoxiously gentle breeze is trickling into my bedroom through the bottom of my barely open window. I hear distant voices appearing momentarily and then vanishing without saying much of anything and skateboards slicing in multiple directions across the parking lot just behind my apartment. I’m pretty sure I’ll be either 100% well or 100% dead by the morning (worry not: I’ve got good money riding on the former).

All in all, my present predicament is a bit Tolstoy-ish, n’est-ce pas? With that in mind, here’s a clip of the final days of that writer who so many regard as being in the elite handful of all-time greats; as I learned in my Russian/Soviet Cinema lecture this morning, we can thank A.O. Drankov for this footage, shot in 1908 with Tolstoy’s permission. What other authors have consented to be filmed in this manner? Can’t really think of any at the moment, excluding this ridiculous Nike commercial starring a fossilized William Burroughs.



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