Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 9/8

Not only is today’s installment of Quotes of quotes of… an extra-special super-early edition, it’s an extra-special “Dan is sick and lying in bed” edition. Cue the out-of-tune violins, the low-key lighting and the creaky, ancient-sounding voice reading aloud a passage from Samuel Beckett’s ever-so-sunny Malone Dies

What more do I want? Yes, those were the days, quick to night and well beguiled with the search for warmth and reasonably edible scraps. And you imagine it will be so till the end. But suddenly all begins to rage and roar again, you are lost in forests of high threshing ferns or whirled far out on the face of wind-swept wastes, till you begin to wonder if you have not died without knowing and gone to hell or been born again into an even worse place than before.


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