Morning stuff

The Times’ Michael Cieply reports that the Toronto Film Festival has thus far been an exceptionally strong showing for female directors. This is swell to hear as it was only a couple weeks ago that cinematic pundits were bemoaning the shortage of female directors in the Hollywood production complex. Quick turnaround, I guess. Best line of the article (about Jennifer’s Body, the new Megan Fox vehicle written by Juno braintrust Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama): “The audience was laughing in all the right places, a good sign for the film, which is walking a fine line between comedy, horror and a postpunk feminism [my emphasis] that is telegraphed by the title’s cute pink script in the opening credits.” Jennifer’s Body: a horror comedy that both Ian MacKaye and Judith Butler can enjoy.

Do not, I repeat, do not miss out on tonight’s screening at the Cinematheque, Vincente Minnelli’s Cabin in the Sky (1943). Nothing stamps out a lingering case of H1N1 quite like a Minnelli musical, particularly one with such an impressive cast.

And on Saturday night go check out the Cinematheque’s screening of Satyajit Ray’s period drama The Chess Players (1977). Yet another invaluable opportunity offered up for free by the Cinematheque.



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