Saturday night at the Cinematheque: Vincente Minnelli’s ‘The Pirate’

It was just two weeks ago that the Cinematheque screened Vincente Minnelli’s Meet Me in St. Louis, an event which was nothing short of a rousing success (at least to those of us who actually showed up). If you were unfortunate enough to miss that screening, you’ll get another opportunity to enter into the dazzling, polychromatic, occasionally absurd world of the Minnelli Technicolor musical when the Cinematheque screens The Pirate (1948) on Saturday night at 7:30PM. The film stars Judy Garland, with whom most cinemaddicts in Madison are likely all too familiar at this point, and Gene Kelly, who is probably the most graceful and athletic block of cheese ever to perform on camera, so The Pirate certainly isn’t lacking star power. If you’re a UW student who enjoys cinema and you fail to attend this screening, well… then you’re heartless. But seriously, I’d love to see more students at the Cinematheque on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s free, for crying out loud. What are you doing at 7:30PM on a Friday that’s so important anyway? Cripes.


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