Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hasn’t seen ‘Night and Fog’…

… because if he had, I seriously doubt he would’ve called the Holocaust “a myth” today at a “pro-Palestinian” rally (though, considering the “Death to Israel” chants which broke out, it sounds like more of an “anti-Israel” rally than anything) held in Tehran. It’s one thing to diminish the sheer weight of the Holocaust (as with Jean-Marie Le Pen’s infamous “un point de détail de l’histoire” comment), but it’s another to flaunt one’s own insane negationism in such an unapologetic, even desperate fashion. (Note: Obviously, I don’t literally mean to say that seeing a film would be enough to convince Ahmadinejad, or any Holocaust denier for that matter, of the Holocaust’s having happened.)

The Iranian opposition protesters were out in force at the rally, and this political chaos leads one to want see  Shirin Neshat’s Silver Lion-winning Women Without Men (2009) all the more badly. Here’s hoping that that film turns up over here in the not-too-distant future.



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