Lars von Trier speaks some more

Here’s a link to yet another worthwhile interview with Antichrist director Lars von Trier, this one from the new issue of Vice Magazine. The von Trier presented here is very unlike the von Trier I’ve seen and read in the past: he’s unusually casual, candid, comfortable and unconcerned with maintaining his public image by being as provocative as possible for the sake of being as provocative as possible. Moreover, he has a handful of remarkable things to say about his recent (and much-publicized) struggle with depression and about his career:

Seriously, it’s true that I pushed Björk a lot, maybe too far, but I was also very happy with her performance. She gave everything she had. As a director you do what you can to get the performance you want, that’s your job, and sometimes you have tap into people’s past experiences and memories to bring that out. I usually have very good relationships with my actresses, but Björk and I didn’t get along.

And now she’ll never act again.
Yeah, and that’s not all, she even wrote Nicole Kidman a letter telling her not to do Dogville.

Really? What did she say?
She said I had destroyed her soul.


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