Sonic Denis

Courtesy of Reverse Angle is this short essay, written by Damon Smith, on the music videos for two singles from Sonic Youth’s 2006 album Rather Ripped, “Incinerate” and “Jams Run Free,” both of which were directed by the amazing Claire Denis. It’s very rare to stumble upon analysis of music videos, so this is a real treat. Funny: Sonic Youth is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my favorite band, and Denis is a director whose phenomenal work is just now entering my life, yet I had no clue that they’d ever collaborated. An extremely welcome discovery. I wonder whether Thurston Moore agrees with Smith’s claim that he possesses a “gorgeously effeminate mouth.” Obviously both videos are worth checking out. And here’s hoping that either of Denis’s two most recent films, last year’s 35 Shots of Rum and/or this year’s White Material, come to Madison sometime sooner than never (35 Shots of Rum just began a two-week run at NYC’s Film Forum, so if you’re in the Tri-State you really ought to consider going to see it).

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