Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 9/25

Alright, full disclosure: Today marks the 21st anniversary of my birth. Where did the past 21 years go? What evidence is there that they actually happened? If only I had some sort of slow-motion effect I could apply to the events that have constituted the short time I’ve spent on this tiny mass of rock and water floating in an ever-expanding vacuum… with that in mind, I give you today’s quote, taken from Jean-Luc Godard’s Scenario du film ‘Sauve qui peut (la vie)’ (1979), in which JLG turns to the devices of video art to perform this same reflective function of looking at things more closely, scrutinizing them to find something worth affirming, something worth contemplating, something that had previously lingered in the shadows of Benjamin’s optical unconscious or of Heidegger’s ready-to-hand. Or maybe he just thought slow-mo looked cool.


We often say that events move too quickly: It’s impossible to see the beginning of an illness or of happiness. So, [I’m] slowing [things] down in order to see, and not just to see what is there, but, first, to see if there is something to see.


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