Coming soon: pretty please?

With nothing better to write about this morning, I’ve been pondering the following question:  2009 is kind-of-sort-of drawing to a close (in other words, year-end lists are on the horizon), so what films that were released in the U.S. this year but haven’t yet come to Madison would I most like to see Sundance, the Orpheum, WUD Film or whoever pick up before 2009’s done?

Granted, this question is really only of interest to foreign film buffs, cinephiles, cinemaddicts and a handful of elite somnabulists, but whatever: that ain’t a bad crowd to address.

Anyway, here’s my unintentionally Eurocentric list, delivered with many implicit winks and nudges directed at the Madison theaters whose names I dropped only a couple sentences ago. With the exceptions of Resnais’s The Wild Grass and Haneke’s The White Ribbon, all of the following have already received or are slated to receive some form of distribution here in the U.S. (I believe that both The Wild Grass and The White Ribbon are going to be distributed by Sony Pictures Classics in early 2010; certainly correct me if I’m wrong about this).

Antichrist (dir. Lars von Trier)

The Wild Grass (dir. Alain Resnais)

The Headless Woman (dir. Lucrecia Martel)

35 Shots of Rum (dir. Claire Denis)

The White Ribbon (dir. Michael Haneke)

Readers, if you’re out there: What films do you want to see in Madison before the sun sets on ’09?



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