This weekend at the Cinematheque

Honestly, I’m only planning to attend the Cinematheque’s Saturday night screening of Grigori Alexandrov’s The Circus (1936),which begins at 7:30PM; but don’t get me wrong, the Cinematheque’s Friday night event sounds pretty intriguing in its own right: Music For the Eye: Selected Works of Joost Rekveld, with Rekveld himself in attendance, also beginning at 7:30PM. The following description is lifted from the Cinematheque’s website:

Inspired by “the lesser frequented by-ways in the history of science and technology” and fascinated by visual and aural perception, Rekveld combines complicated optical and mechanical set-ups with computer technology to create exquisite abstract animations—”music for the eye.”

So if you’re into that sort of thing, then by all means, check it out.

As for The Circus… well, last Saturday’s screening of Alexandrov’s Jolly Fellows (1934) didn’t exactly send me reeling into the brisk October night with my heart all aflutter, but whatever: the novelty remains way too attractive to deny.

If I don’t seem 200% enthused about all this, it’s because I’m not. But we definitely don’t need to have once-in-a-lifetime/Earth-shattering/paradigm-shifting cinematic experiences every weekend night. It gets exhausting.


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