Tonight at the MMoCA: Jeremi Suri on Rauschenberg

Well here’s a free lecture that sounds rather promising: UW history professor Jeremi Suri is giving a talk on Robert Rauschenberg tonight at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (located on State St., between Johnson and Dayton; the building literally cannot be missed). Suri’s going to wax historical on Rauschenberg’s work and milieu, as well as the influence that Raushcenberg has had on subsequent generations of artists, intellectuals, etc. The lecture begins at 6:30PM in the MMoCA’s main gallery.

P.S. Not quite sure what the hold-up is with the publication of the collaborative review I wrote with Daily Cardinal opinions editor Anthony Cefali of the MMoCA’s new-ish Rauschenberg exhibit, “Signs of the Times: Robert Rauschenberg’s America”, but trust that as soon as it gets published—if it gets published—I’ll have a nice blue link for all y’all to click on.

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