Signs and symbols and pith (hopefully)

In today’s edition of the Daily Cardinal: Anthony Cefali and I collaborated on a review of the Robert Rauschenberg exhibit currently on display at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and, lo n’ behold, after sitting on the backburner for a couple weeks now, it actually got published. It’s pretty lengthy as far as DC articles are concerned, but it’s also probably one of the articles I’m most proud of having written. Enjoy (maybe).


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2 Responses to “Signs and symbols and pith (hopefully)”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    it was certainly a doozy to final, but i’m going to the exhibit tomorrow!

    i thought of adding a connection between the graphics and photos “racing” and the space race. is that what you meant or was i completely off the mark?

    BRAGGY TIDBIT: rauschenberg wrote a letter to my friend’s dad once.

    • Dan Sullivan Says:

      That actually wasn’t what I meant, but now that I think about it, your reading’s cleverer than mine.

      As always, thanks for your invaluable copy editing. Without you, Emma, I’d probably be a typo-ridden embarrassment.

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