A brief visit to ‘The House That Jack Built’

The chance to see a film with its director in attendance is rare anywhere, but just such an opportunity presents itself tonight right here in a very soggy Madison, WI. Regent St.’s excellent Indie Coffee is holding a screening of Madison native William J. Meyer’s short film The House That Jack Built (2009), which  sounds pretty damn interesting if its IMDB synopsis (written, in possibly the purest manifestation of DYIism, by Meyer himself) is any indication. The synopsis is reproduced below:

Jack builds a home for his new wife Liz along the edge of an idyllic forest, and their marital paradise seems assured. But when a secret from Jack’s past threatens to consume him, he must decide between deceiving his wife… and losing her for ever.

The screening begins at 7:00PM. As previously mentioned, Meyer himself will attend, so remember to clap at the end. Get there early and order a waffle—they’re ridiculously tasty. As if the film itself weren’t enough to attract you, Indie Coffee will also have a special on red wine ($1 off every glass), which is genius because nothing heightens the affectiveness of a thriller like too many glasses of red. For good measure, here’s a link to the film’s trailer.

(As far as I know, the film’s main character is not named after a certain local political blogger/loathsome Phillies fan. If you happen to cross paths with someone wearing a blue Phillies cap and a gigantic grin today, be sure to shoot him a sufficiently dirty look.)



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