Yeah, seriously: Boycott the Nitty Gritty

CineMadison is, for the most part, an apolitical blog. However, this right here’s a cause worth getting behind: Both the Daily Cardinal and the Badger Herald are calling for a student boycott of loathsome Johnson St. bar the Nitty Gritty because the Nitty’s owner, Marsh Shapiro, who sits on the Madison Alcohol License Review Committee as a nonvoting advisor and as a representative of the Madison-Dane Country Tavern League, opposes District 8 Ald. Bryon Eagon’s super-reasonable proposal that the ALRC take on a voting student member. So boycott the Nitty 1) because it’s a remarkably shitty bar, and 2) because of this political nonsense. For an explanation as to why the ALRC ought to have a voting student member, read the DC and BH editorials I linked to and also keep an eye on the Sconz, who I’m sure will have a thing or two to say about the boycott over the next few days.

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One Response to “Yeah, seriously: Boycott the Nitty Gritty”

  1. I’m feeling some good undertones in the debate here. « Madison Sandinista Says:

    […] Cardinal joins the Nitty boycott. Even the artists are joining in. Do any of these writers even go to the Nitty? Where is the sacrifice? There should […]

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