Madison Weekend Cinema Round-Up, 10/30 + 10/31

I tend to doubt that many of you are going to be in any condition to go out and see some free movies this weekend, it being All Hallow’s Eve in Madison and whatnot; but should you decide to, your options are far from shabby.

The Cinematheque will screen Chantal Akerman’s De l’autre cô (2002) at 7:30PM. Yes, you read that correctly (or at least those of you who actually care did): the Cinematheque will be screening a Chantal Akerman movie tonight. This, ladies and germs, is worth going out of your way to see. And remember to leave your Jeanne Dielmann-inspired expectations at the door, for I scarcely think that this documentary about immigration politics on the Mexico/Arizona border will feature many if any scenes of potato-peeling.

On Saturday night the ‘theque will be screening Roland West’s The Bat Whispers (1930). I, for one, would be much more inclined to see this than, say, Saw 7, Halloween CO2, Nightmare on N. Brooks St. or The Texas Letter-Opener Massacre—or Zombieland, for that matter. But between game 3 of the World Series (Death to the Yanks) and the promise of nocturnal festivities, I could understand why you might not be able or willing to attend this one.

If you do find yourself with a horror movie itch, be sure to check out Four Star Video Heaven’s showcase shelf (near the front entrance), which is devoted to unconventionally scary flicks, including Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Diabolique, Claire Denis’s Trouble Every Day along with some other films commonly associated with the so-called “New French Extremity,” and many intriguing others (and I say that as someone who has next-to-no interest in the horror genre). I can’t conceive of a stranger way to observe the holidays than to shack up with a Bruno Dumont DVD and then head out for a few too many cocktails and handfuls of candy corn.

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