“An Evening with Dave Eggers” tonight at the Chazen

Just a friendly reminder for those of you who ain’t know: Super well-regarded writer/publisher Dave Eggers will be in Madison tonight to give a talk at the Chazen; he’ll be accompanied by Valentino Achak Deng, the Sudanese refugee who was the inspiration for and is the main character of Eggers’ novel What Is the What. You’d go to see Dostoevsky give a lecture accompanied by Raskolnikov, or Joyce accompanied by Stephen Dedalus, or Nabokov accompanied by Humbert Humbert, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but if you give any sort of a damn about contemporary American literature, you probably want to be in attendance for this one. The event begins at 7:30PM. (And yes, admission is a highly reasonable $0.00.)


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3 Responses to ““An Evening with Dave Eggers” tonight at the Chazen”

  1. Kenneth Burns Says:

    Omigod, you put me on your blogroll. Does that mean I have to blog?

  2. Kenneth Burns Says:

    Not to be ungrateful. Thanks for that. I really must blog more.

  3. Dan Sullivan Says:

    I mean, I certainly wouldn’t boycott such a decision.

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