I swear I can explain

Fact: I’ve posted very little this past week.

Fact: School is absolutely kicking my ass at the moment (~50 pages of writing in the academic style due over the next couple weeks).

Fact: I’ll post what I can for the time being.

Fiction: I have an extremely good idea of how much I’ll be able to post during the period that I’m referring to as “the time being.”

Fact: I’ve had some pretty cool ideas as of late for stuff to post once I actually have the time to do so.

Fiction: Others will certainly find these “pretty cool ideas” to be just as cool as they are in my mind.

Fact: The Tales from Planet Earth Environmental Film Festival begins tonight right here in the 608.

Fiction: I can give you a bunch of recommendations as to what is and what isn’t worth seeing at Tales from Planet Earth, because I haven’t been and won’t continue to be prohibited from checking it out in earnest by the aforementioned truckload of writing I have on my plate.

I hope this exercise was as good for you as it was for me. Alright, back to work.



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