Diss of the day

Diss of the day isn’t yet a regular feature here at CineMadison, but I sure like the way that “diss of the day” stumbles off the tongue, so it may have to become one.

Today’s winner is Todd Stevens, my colleague at the Daily Cardinal, for the following burst of justified snark (from his review/takedown of the remarkably unappealing disaster flick 2012):

In many ways, Roland Emmerich could be the dumber, more idealistic version of Michael Bay. Both fail to produce anything other than mindless orgies of pyrotechnics, but while Bay seems content to create moneymaking blockbuster cash machines, Emmerich appears to be under the impression that he has the next “Doctor Zhivago” on his hands with every new project. Which he might, if “Doctor Zhivago” involved a colossal volcano appearing in the middle of Moscow and fire began raining from the sky.


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2 Responses to “Diss of the day”

  1. Todd Stevens Says:

    This is one of the best ideas for a recurring blog feature I’ve seen. I’m honored to be the first “Diss of the Day” writer.

  2. Kevin Slane Says:

    There could be no better candidate for ‘diss of the day’ then Todd “Toss” Stevens

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