(Visual) Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 11/17 + Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 11/17

Not sure if you’ve noticed this yet but the filmic blogosphere is all caught up in a big ol’ Manny Farber love-in, and who am I to dissent? The video above is a deliberately opaque and profoundly self-serious (because it’s art, damn it) tribute to Manny’s essay “Clutter,” which can still be found in the still essential Negative Space. If you really must know, I’ve been looking for an excuse to test out the crappy editing software that came for free with my camcorder. I’ve included my favorite passage from “Clutter” (yes, it’s the very first paragraph) below for your reading pleasure.

The movie scene: crawling with speciousness; one type of clutter examining, reporting, publicizing another. The dictionary defines clutter as a confused mass, untidy collection, crowd (a place) with a disorderly mass of things, litter. Just to go near the art theater district on Third Avenue is to be jostled by the definition, a cattle drive that includes the little pink plexiglass sign with $2.50 printed on it (if you’re lucky; sometimes it’s $3), and a character, tenacious as Epoxy resin, guarding the sanctuary with red velvet hose and an unswervable litany: “There will be no further seating for the present showing. Buy your tickets now; seating will begin at 7:50 for the 8PM show.”

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