Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 11/18

From Susan Sontag’s “The Aesthetics of Silence”:

[…] there is no such thing as empty space. As long as a human eye is looking, there is always something to see. To look at something which is ’empty’ is still to be looking, still to be seeing something—if only the ghosts of one’s expectations. In order to perceive fullness, one must retain an acute sense of the emptiness which marks it off; conversely, in order to perceive emptiness, one must apprehend other zones of the world as full.

From Gilles Deleuze’s Cinema 1: The Movement-Image:

If we see very few things in an image, this is because we do not know how to read it properly; we evaluate its rarefaction as badly as its saturation. There is a pedagogy of the image, especially with Godard, when this function is made explicit, when the frame serves as an opaque surface of information, sometimes blurred by saturation, sometimes reduced to the empty set, to the white or black screen.


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