Bruce McClure performing tonight at the Play Circle

I haven’t been exhibiting much love for WUD Film as of late. My bad. Anyway, they’ve got an intriguing act lined up for this evening: NY architect/film-artist Bruce McClure. I’m unfamiliar with McClure, but this is how WUD Film’s website describes his work:

Bruce McClure doesn’t make films, he performs them. McClure, a New York-based architect and expanded-cinema artist, plays his film projectors as if they’re instruments of light and sound, creating intensely immersive aural and visual environments. Exploring sensory and perceptual phenomena, the ephemeral live experiences he creates invoke transcendent states of being. By using cinema’s basic and mechanical elements of light, darkness, and sound, he is forging a new language. Working from a ‘score’ of alternating flicker films or, according to him, “ink sneezes,” he projects his filmstrips simultaneously to create an illusory sense of movement and a density of abstract textures. McClure uses multiple modified film projectors, film loops, and guitar effects pedals.

Twirling knobs, flipping switches, and adjusting lenses, he coaxes a bank of whirring projectors into producing images impossible to record. […] Biennale. Each performance is unique, shaped by precise and certain parameters McClure intuitively works within. McClure will be performing two new works for this evening’s program.

Seems kinda Ken-Jacobs-y, no? Suffice it to say, this strikes me as being worth checking out, provided that one is able to do so. McClure will take the stage at 8:00PM. Don’t forget your epilepsy meds.

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