Shilling for colleagues

My DC colleague and dear friend Anthony Cefali wrote a thoughtful and engaging review of the Books’ performance at the Majestic on Monday night. Anthony ain’t a bad role model for all of you aspiring student-aesthetes to take your cues from; not only is his radio show “Life Under a Tree” as good as it gets on a Friday morning (11:00AM on 91.7 WSUM), his art criticism is, while infrequent and very different from my own, always a solid read.

Also, another colleague o’ mine, Alex Kuskowski, has a new column in today’s edition of the DC… I’m not sure where she gets this notion that UW students don’t merely neglect literature—according to her, they actively resent it—but her remarks on the frustrations of living in a primarily visual culture are worth taking a gander at. However, it’s too bad that none of her references to the Twilight franchise mention its dubious origins in the psychology of housewife-Mormonism. Am I the only one who detects the stench of clandestine indoctrination (actually, that might just be tuna)?

EDIT: Kevin is quite right. I guess this sorta betrays the fact that I don’t really keep up with the print edition.


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One Response to “Shilling for colleagues”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I believe Anthony’s piece was just online. Nevertheless, a good read, written by a good man.

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