“Antichrist” coming to the Orpheum

It seems as though rumors that Lars von Trier’s now-infamous Antichrist will be making its Madison debut this Friday at the Orpheum aren’t actually rumors at all. I’ve been waiting several months to see this one, knowing all-too-well that von Trier has designed it to shock, to upset, maybe even to provoke an awkward laugh or two.

Indeed, the popular word to use when discussing von Trier’s work is “provocation,” but I’d argue that “shtick” is every bit as vital to his highly distinctive sensibility and how it does whatever it is that it seems to do: no other filmmaker working today relies as heavily on gimmicks—uncommon techniques serving as the rule rather than as the exception—to produce effects upon the viewer, thereby eliciting emotional responses other than “suspense,” “joy,” “calm,” etc. Antichrist will be complicated, no doubt, but that’s how we like ’em.

Allow me to cite my source: Dane101 (and Todd Stevens).

And, of course, the trailer:

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3 Responses to ““Antichrist” coming to the Orpheum”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    i hope you review this for monday/the fall farewell issue. what better way to get people into the christmas spirit??

  2. Troy Buckley Says:

    I have to say, I liked this a lot more than I’d like to admit. The film provoked so much discussion and Charlotte Gainsbourgh was so good in this. Prepare yourself for a cameo by your top movie of ’09, I won’t say more haha

  3. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Emma: Tentatively it looks as though I’m going to review “Antichrist” for the website but not for the print edition. However, I’ll be contributing to the “5 Most Influential Films of the 00s” feature on Monday; I think you’ll find my selection especially agreeable.

    Troy: Thanks for reading man, and yeah, the cameo to which you’re alluding was one of 2009’s worst-kept secrets. I’m most interested to see, firsthand, whether the supposed Tarkovsky influence is really as BS as many critics made it out to be.

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