This CineWeekend in CineMadison

Another stacked (and frozen) weekend for patrons of UW’s invaluable Cinematheque. The ‘theque will screen two feature films by Alain Resnais: on Friday night (at 7:30PM), the iconic and unmissable “Last Year at Marienbad” (1961); on Saturday night (also—gasp—at 7:30PM), “Mon oncle d’Amérique” (1980). The former is, of course, one of the 20th century’s greatest works of art (no BS; it’s as shining an example of modernism’s inherent playfulness as is, say, Finnegans Wake); I haven’t seen the latter but Resnais’s later work never fails to interest with its formal idiosyncrasies and cleverly deployed eccentricities. The opportunity to see “Marienbad” on 35mm is something you really ought not to pass up—especially when tickets cost a mere $0.00.

Also, by way of reminder: It ain’t free but “Antichrist” opens at the Orpheum this afternoon. Can’t imagine that the theater’ll be very crowded for this one, but those who do go are undoubtedly in for an experience-and-a-half.

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