(Visual) Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 12/23

Have you seen Robert Bresson’s “A Gentle Woman” (1969)? If all filmmaking—but especially Bresson’s—is essentially didactic, “A Gentle Woman” is the most effective and lucid lesson that Bresson ever taught. Its typicality is its brilliance. With the probable exception of Godard, no one in the history of cinema taught by example as convincingly as did Bresson.

Thus, I give you a series of stills from “A Gentle Woman”:

From Bresson’s Notes on the Cinematographer:

If an image, looked at by itself, expresses something sharply, if it involves an interpretation, it will not be transformed on contact with other images. The other images have no power over it, and it will have no power over the other images. Neither action, nor reaction. It is definitive and unusable in the cinematographer’s system. (A system does not regulate everything. It is a bait for something.)

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