Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 12/28

Among the Xmas gifts that I begrudgingly accepted from my loving parents: Gilberto Perez’s The Material Ghost: Films and Their Medium, which I’m ever-so-slowly churning through, though it’s hardly a seductively sticky read—and that’s A-OK by me. Here’s a taste of what Perez has to say about the aesthetics of cinematographic images (he nicely theorizes cinema as being both narrative and drama, in the same way that a photon is both particle and wave):

Neither [Siegfried] Kracauer nor the Lacanian takes proper cognizance of the screen as a space of representation. The images on the screen are neither a reproduction of reality nor an illusion of it: rather they are a construction, derived from reality but distinct from it, a parallel realm that may look recognizably like reality but that nobody can mistake for it. Their picture of reality may be convincing, but in the way fiction is convincing; we respond to the picture not as we would to reality but as we respond to the constructs of representation. The images on the screen are a representation of reality—an imitation or mimesis in the Aristotelian sense—as a novel or a play or a painting is a representation.

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