Three weeks later…

… and I’m still one of the 12-15 people on Earth who’ve yet to see “Avatar.” I’m hoping to remedy this by means of a Monday morning matinee (it couldn’t possibly be sold out… could it?). Nevertheless, I’m intrigued by the debates surrounding the film’s explicit/implicit politics (summarized today in Glenn Kenny’s column over at the Auteurs Notebook). I won’t have much if anything to say about one of the biggest cinematic to-dos of my lifetime until I actually see the blasted thing—and even then, who knows.

Y’all seen “Police, Adjective” yet? I can’t make up my mind whether to fork over $8 to watch it On Demand or $40+ to see it at the IFC Center in NY (factoring in train fare and whatnot). I’m leaning towards the former option for reasons of frugality.

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