Still inside “The Hurt Locker,” apparently

Well, I guess “The Hurt Locker” really is as difficult to chew—much less to swallow—as I and countless others made it out to be when it came out last summer. Exhibits A, B and C: recent discussions of the film by Manohla Dargis, Richard Brody and Jim Emerson, all of which are very insightful and well-worth your time, whether you’ve seen the film yet or not.

The Academy Awards are so—I don’t even need to say it. But if any movie deserves to clean up in at that arrogantly out-of-touch red-carpet charade, it’s “The Hurt Locker.” I’m not one to revisit a film so soon after seeing it for the first time, but I’m genuinely intrigued by the prospect of checking it out again on DVD (available tonight at midnight at Four Star Video Heaven).


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