Quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes, 1/15

Haven’t done one of these in a while. ‘ere goes:

In one of the paperbacks I was reading there was something I remember telling my wife. It made a terrific impression on me. There’s a man who has a nightmare and in the nightmare he dreams he’s dreaming and wakes to see a man standing at his bedroom window. The dreamer is so terrified he can’t move, can hardly breathe. The man at the window stares into the room and then begins to pry off the screen. The dreamer can’t move. He’d like to scream, but he can’t get his breath. But the moon appears from behind a cloud, and the dreamer in the nightmare recognizes the man outside. It is his best friend, the best friend of the dreamer but no one the man having the dream knows.

Telling it to me wife, I’d felt the blood come to my face and my scalp prickle. But she wasn’t interested.

“That’s only writing,” she said. “Being betrayed by somebody in your own family, there’s a real nightmare for you.”

From “Night School” by Raymond Carver, contained in Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?


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