Towards “Broken Embraces”

You might recall that about three weeks ago I wholeheartedly sang the praises of Pedro Almodóvar’s “Broken Embraces,” so it almost  goes without saying that I was very pleased to see that the film will begin a run at Sundance Cinemas this Friday (1/22). Even if you don’t care much for Almodóvar’s recent output (or, if you’re like my esteemed colleague Todd Stevens, you adore films such as “Talk to Her”), “Broken Embraces” is really a wonderful flick—as humble an $18 million love letter to cinema as you’ll ever see. If you’re looking to treat yourself to an excellent double feature, I recommend following “Broken Embraces” up with a viewing of Jean-Luc Godard’s “Contempt” (1963), a film to which “Broken Embraces” seems to be a partial tribute.


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