Reasons to visit Milwaukee

Madison readers, cover your eyes: UW-Milwaukee’s Union Theatre kicks off its excellent Spring program this Friday with Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist,” which, as you may recall, I’ve written about at length both on here and in the Daily Cardinal. “Antichrist” will screen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so you’ll get plenty of chances to catch it. As the Union Theatre’s website notes, this will mark the film’s “Milwaukee premiere.” I’m a bit skeptical, however, about the website’s claim that “Antichrist” is “for mature audiences only”; after all, a certain kind of philosophical immaturity is an essential component of von Trier’s cinematic sensibility. Then again, the film does contain those parts, so perhaps it really would be best to leave the kids at home.

Anyway, I recommend paying a visit to the Union Theatre’s website for a peek at what it’s got coming up these next few months. If I were a Milwaukee-based cinephile, I’d be especially ecstatic about getting the opportunity to see the following: the new 35mm print of “Diva” (screens on 2/4); Andrew Bujalski’s “Beeswax” (screening the weekend of 2/19); Chris Fuller’s “Loren Cass” (also screening the weekend of 2/19; UW-Madison’s own J.J. Murphy makes the film sound bleak and terribly interesting); Roy Andersson’s “You, the Living” (screening the weekend of 2/26); Susan Sontag’s 1974 documentary “Promised Lands” (screens on 3/2 and 3/3); Corneliu Porumboiu’s “Police, Adjective” (screening the weekend of 3/5); Truffaut’s “Small Change” (screening the weekend of 4/2); Zhao Dayong’s “Ghost Town” (also screening the weekend of 4/2); and Ulrich Seidl’s “Import/Export” (screening the weekend of 4/9).


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