I’ve got nothing to say…

… about the Oscar nominations. Frankly, I haven’t seen most of the films involved. Guess I’ll open up the floor: Does anybody else have a more informed take they’d like to share?


5 Responses to “I’ve got nothing to say…”

  1. Todd Stevens Says:

    Really the only questionable choice was The Blind Side’s nomination for Best Picture, which is just absolutely ridiculous because that movie is about as Oscar-worthy as a Dora the Explorer episode. It would have been nice to see some more international flavor in the Best Pic noms, like The White Ribbon, A Prophet or Il Divo, but you can only expect so much from the Academy. Also wish Anthony Mackie would have gotten a supporting nod for The Hurt Locker.

    • Todd Stevens Says:

      Other than that, I was actually pretty satisfied though.

      • Dan Sullivan Says:

        Yeah, I’m also sort of mystified by this whole “Blind Side” phenomenon. Granted, 95% of the folks who saw it are likely ignorant of the (quite good) Michael Lewis book. Though I can’t imagine that Lewis cares much ($$$).

        And I see your point re: the “Best Picture” nominees, but acknowledging the rest of the world’s cinema has never really been a priority for the Academy—the very existence of a “Best Foreign Language Film” category is proof alone.

  2. Kyle S Says:

    The screenwriting award nominations suck as usual. Make the best picture award a reflection of popular tastes, fine, but the best screenplay award should be reserved for the film with the best writing. district 9 was a good movie, but it’s nothing short of a joke that it is up for best adapted screenplay. i’m surprised they didn’t put avatar up there (also a good movie, maybe even great, but had some awful dialogue).

    • Dan Sullivan Says:

      Y’know, for weeks I’ve been telling everyone who’ll listen to me that the dialogue in “Avatar” was written with a “random action movie dialogue generator” (or something roughly comparable), but after watching a bit of “Titanic” on TV the other night, I’m not as confident in that theory. Monkeys with typewriters remains within the realm of plausibility, of course.

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