What we oughta be discussin’

In today’s edition of the Daily Cardinal you’ll find my latest column, a somewhat meandering meditation on the distinction between art and trash, what DVD technology may or may not have meant to cinema, and why I’ve never been one to knowingly review a crappy movie. If you ask me, the piece is kind of bland and inoffensive and even a bit preachy. Not my best work, not my worst work.

Between you and me, the version of the column that’s on the website and in the paper was neutered of a few well-meaning but unmistakably critical comments about my fellow Cardinal film critics (the “other film critics” mentioned in the second sentence of the third paragraph… those obviously aren’t my words). Basically, I said that some of my colleagues deliberately seek out bad movies (like, say, “Legion” or “The Tooth Fairy”) because doing so allows them to practice a certain type of snarky writing. Not very controversial, right? I honestly can’t imagine that any of the writers I was alluding to would’ve disagreed with my point, so it’s unfortunate that the parts in question were omitted. Oh well.

P.S. Please do not e-mail me about “Anchorman” or “Final Destination 3.” However, “The Final Destination” (that’s the one in 3D, yes?) is, of course, fair game.


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