I lost it at the (action) movies

This review of “From Paris with Love” (about which I hardly know a thing, thankfully) by the Badger Herald’s Amelia Wedemeyer is haunted by the perverse and pervasive fetish for gun violence that makes films like the new Mel Gibson revenge fantasy “Edge of Darkness” (about which I hardly know a thing, thankfully) plausible and even lucrative as commercial entities. Take it away, Amelia:

The highlight of the film is seeing Travolta as the crazy yet magnetic Charlie Wax, who wields everything from handheld revolvers to bazookas. Yes, Travolta’s appearance as the white version of Sinbad might throw off viewers at first glance, but it becomes evident that the appearance is most definitely part of who Charlie Wax is. Though Travolta probably won’t be up for next year’s Academy Awards, his quips and grasp of the character make the hour-and-a-half film enjoyable enough.

Yikes. What else?

With the release of “From Paris with Love,” Pierre Morel (“Taken”) establishes himself as a leading director of action movies. His quick and precise shots enhance the vivid feats that many audiences like to see from their favorite action movies. Though this film doesn’t have the emotional appeal of “Taken,” it still leaves audiences satisfied with every bullet aimed for the bad guys.

I did say it was a fetish, didn’t I?

And fortunately for audiences, Morel knows how long most people can stomach the same sequence of murderous rampages by keeping the film less than two hours.

I can see how that would get old, yes. Finally:

From the explosive scenes to the quick paced shots, this film is for those who want action and to see things (as well as people) get blown up.

Pretty scary stuff—the review, that is. The movie looks and seems utterly mindless and shamelessly calculated to score big with an especially gun-crazy demographic. But it’s not like this is an uncommon phenomenon, seeing as how there are consumers like Wedelmeyer who apparently derive satisfaction from watching staged “murderous rampages” and who find the sheer variety of guns used in a film to be the film’s very best part.

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One Response to “I lost it at the (action) movies”

  1. jenny Says:

    hey asshole this is a fucking good review by my friend so SHUT THE FUCK UP

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