Reading films and watching novels

Today’s edition of the Daily Cardinal features my latest column, in which I discuss the late great Eric Rohmer, the notion of literary cinema and the problematic effect that subtitles have on film-watching. The piece could use more slang, but I suppose there’s always next week. So check it out and have yourself a pleasant morning, if possible.

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One Response to “Reading films and watching novels”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Combining this post with your last one, I saw Avatar with French subtitles and I was amazed at how much was getting lost in translation. The default subtitle must have been “allons-y” because the subtitle said “allons-y” whether people were going anywhere or not. I don’t think that justifies a rewatching for French viewers, but it’s something to think about with films that have English subtitles (as you mention in your article).

    Oh, and I think we really should start calling it 4D. I’m going to at least.

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