A non-cinematic recommendation

For better or worse, this blog has increasingly taken a turn toward specialization; even so, I’m actually almost as interested in the other arts as I am in the seventh art. With that said, here’s a non-cinematic thing to check out this weekend: The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s newest exhibit, “Apple Pie: Symbols of Americana,” is more than deserving of a perusal. (A collaborative review of the exhibit, written for the Daily Cardinal by Anthony Cefali and myself, may or may not be in the can. You didn’t hear this from me.)

“Apple Pie” is an invaluable opportunity to investigate a variety of American artists, ranging from the well-known (Thomas Hart Benton, Robert Frank, Robert Gwathmey, etc.) to the less-well-known and the comfortingly local. Much like the last exhibit to occupy its gallery space (the Rauschenberg show “Signs of the Times”), “Apple Pie” demands quite a bit of time from the irrepressible completist; if you’re willing to invest that time, I doubt you’ll walk away disappointed.

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One Response to “A non-cinematic recommendation”

  1. Amy Says:

    Looking forward to your review in the Daily Cardinal…and here’s something I bet you didn’t know: Robert Gwathmey was one of your grandfather’s painting professors in the 1950’s at Cooper. Small world.

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