“Police, Adjective” at the Play Circle

Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you that something like this might happen: Corneliu Porumboiu’s excellent “Police, Adjective,” which I’ve addressed both on here and in the Cardinal, will be screening at 9:30 this Friday and Saturday nights at the Memorial Union’s Play Circle Theater.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure (and I have to assume that very few have), “Police, Adjective” is more than deserving of a good long look. A month ago I said the film “is like an episode of ‘Law and Order’ written by a tag team of Jim Jarmusch and Ludwig Wittgenstein”; seeing as how I haven’t watched it again since I wrote that column, I stand behind my description.

And if you won’t be able to catch one of the two screenings this weekend, worry not: This won’t be your last opportunity to see “Police, Adjective” in a Madison theater this semester. Alright, I’ve said too much. End transmission.

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2 Responses to ““Police, Adjective” at the Play Circle”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Toss and I are going to go see it on Friday, are you going again?

    • Dan Sullivan Says:

      Quite possibly. It’s a shame they’re screening the film at 9:30 rather than at 7:30, seeing as how the “A Film With Me in It” crowd would just as soon show up for a 9:30 screening; the “Police, Adjective” crowd, on the other hand, has carousing and conversation on its collective mind as well.

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