Overbearing style, single men

In today’s Daily Cardinal you’ll find a review, written by world-renowned CineMadison commenter Emma Roller, of “A Single Man,” which I somehow haven’t seen yet, despite the wealth of hype it’s received. Emma argues that director Tom Ford’s first film isn’t up to the task of confronting the philosophical matters it evokes; likewise, she says that the anal, hyper-calculated quality of the film’s mise en scène is suffocating, yielding a bothersome degree of artificiality that distracts from the more abstract psychological and existential issues the film halfheartedly probes. I suppose I’ll have to see “A Single Man” myself to determine whether it truly suffers from what I’ve previously called “overbearing style”; the way Emma describes the film, it sure seems that way.


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3 Responses to “Overbearing style, single men”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    thanks for the plug dan! let me know what you think when you watch it.

    i should note that this film came out a loooong time ago, but it’s not in the physical paper today – the arts editors just posted my review online. not very timely, but i’m fairly pleased with the result.

  2. Emma R. Says:

    *to clarify: the review isn’t in the paper because it isn’t timely.

    • Dan Sullivan Says:

      Thanks for the correction Emma. It seems I’ve once again betrayed the fact that I don’t pick up the print edition unless I’m in it. (Is this narcissistic or progressive?)

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